Emma Stevens - Shooting For the Moon

Emma Stevens - Shooting For the Moon
  • Жанр: Rock / Зарубежная
  • Слушатилей: 291
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  • Битрейт: 320 кбит/c
  • Длительность: 03:33
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Текст песни
Do you remember there was a time
We thought dreams really did come true?
Giving in to the daily grind
We could fight it but what’s the use?
When you’re down so low
In the cold all alone
Tryin' to figure out why why why
When you’re down so low
There’s only one place one place you can go
We’re shooting for the moon
What else can we do?
Shooting for the moon
Can someone tell me why?
Every single day
We keep the faith
Dreaming that we’ll fly
And maybe it’s no use
But still we keep on
Shooting for the moon
Maybe twenty years down the line
They’ll begin to look back and say
«They must’ve been out of their minds
to be giving it all away»
If we miss it by a mile
But still keep up the fight
At least we know we tried
And better to have lost
and not to count the cost
Knowing we were right
Shooting for the moon…
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