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Emma Stevens - Yes

Emma Stevens Yes

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Текст песни
It’s funny how a single word
Is all you need to change the world
It can open every door
I’m positive you know it
So how about you show it
By using it a whole lot more
Every voice that got me here
Whispering in my ear
Telling me that I’m not beaten yet
Not givin' up until you say «yes»
If you could just get that in your head
I’m sick of «ifs» and «buts» and «maybes»
Don’t even waste your breath
You know that «no» won’t cut it
I won’t settle for anything less
I wanna hear «yes»
I wanna hear «yes»
I wanna hear «yes»
When everything is going wrong
And all my friends are gone
I feel I’ve had enough
Through winter’s rain and snow
I’m sick of hearing «no»
I could use a little love
Only one way to get out of this mess
Nothin’s gonna change until you say «yes»
Nothing gonna change
Not givin' up until you say «yes»…
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