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Emma Stevens - Gold Rush

Emma Stevens Gold Rush

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  • Длительность: 04:03
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  • Категория: Rock / Зарубежная

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Текст песни
A one horse town still half asleep
Then I heard someone screaming I’ve struck gold
It’s dog eat dog and me me me
N’all that stuff that really leaves me cold
Count me out
They’ll be diggin' in the dust
Count me out
When I feel your touch
I got love and that’s enough
There’s a gold rush comin'
But I’ll be lying in the sun
Cos I don’t care
You’re all I need I swear
There’s a gold rush comin'
The whole world’s runnin' round like fools
But that’s cool
Why would I need gold when I got you?
If gold is all you fight for in this world
Then wake up smell the coffee get a life
Cos cash can’t beat the rush of boy meets girl
If you got the choice then don’t think twice
Count me out…
There’s a gold rush comin'…
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